Research Log 2, Privateers during the War of 1812

de Grummond, Jane Lucas. The Baratarians and the Battle of New Orleans. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1961.

The Baratarians and the Battle of New Orleans, a secondary source, gives detailed information about the people who inhabited the islands off the coast of New Orleans prior to the War of 1812. Page 39 documents a letter delivered to Jean Lafitte from the British government. The Baratarians are ordered to make restitution to the British government. The letter also directs the privateers to “cease hostilities against the Spanish government.”

Page 42, Lafitte addresses a letter to Jean Blanque, “an owner of many ships and a man of influence in New Orleans.” He and his Baratarians are consulting with Blanque regarding the orders from the British to make restitution, cease hostilities and join the British cause.

Lafitte’s letter states that he will not abandon his adoptive country, the United States. He relays to Blanque his distress of being threatened by the British who hold his brother prisoner. Lafitte is asking Blanque for his counsel.

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