Week Twelve: Really, progress IS being made….

This project is much more difficult and intense than any of us imagined. However, progress is being made. After many changes and additions to our spreadsheet that will be used to batch upload the cemetery register data to our website, the spreadsheet is complete. We are now in the process of concatenating data that needs to be combined for optimum search capabilities. Once this is done (a group member is supposed to complete it by Tuesday), we will begin our batch upload. Angie White, the digital librarian at UMW, has been fabulous. She will be helping with the batch upload. I will definitely be involved in that as I have never done it before.

The rest of the website is what some may call “fluff.” As an amateur historian and soon to be official historian, I believe that historical context is necessary to our site. I will be writing a short introduction to the cemetery. I also hope to include a few paragraphs regarding each of the Civil War battles that were local to Fredericksburg. Another stretch goal is to feature a story about one of the cemetery’s curators.

We met with Luisa from the NPS on Thursday to give her a pre-presentation brief as she will be out of time when the project is complete. We recorded the presentation for Professor McClurken. She was very happy with the progress we had made and only asked that we add information to how the Unknown Soldiers were accounted for on our Google map. A group member has already made the additions.

The big take away from the past two weeks is this; from the outside looking in, it  appears that not much progress has been made. However, I know that many group members spent many arduous hours on the daunting task of inputting information into the spreadsheet, updating the information, and then editing the final product! Progress is being made!


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