Week Four: Modeling, It’s not What You Think!

I was very overwhelmed when I started reading about Topic Modeling and reviewing the suggested sites from Dr. McClurken! In addition to being overwhelmed, I could envision how any of these concepts could work with my group’s project at the National Cemetery.

After the class lecture I felt so much better. I actually understand the concepts and some of the tools! I can even see their use within our project. Using a networking tool such as scottbot that gives a visual model as to how terms may intersect with one another is, I think, applicable, to our project. The nodes and edges create for me a very clear visual. Possibly using the different battles that are represented in the cemetery’s register as nodes that connect to other nodes such a the state the deceased was from, his unit, and day of death, just to start.

Some of the other tools for text mining may be helpful in our project. After digitizing the register it may be possible to search for certain words such as artillery, calvary, or even surnames to see the frequencies.

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