Week Eleven: The Struggle is Real

I’m not even sure where to begin other than we have had so much to reconfigure the past week that my blog post is late! As a matter of fact, the last dream I had last night before waking up this morning was of entering data to our Omeka spreadsheet! That and the fact that I am grateful for the fact that our team includes some hardworking and logical students.

We have once again faced the reality that our procedures need revamped. The naming convention originally chosen was revised, again. Also, the template for our Omeka website (the metadata) has also been revised. The ins and outs of this project have been in a continually rotating pattern.

Our 10-minute presentation was basically a recap of our previous presentation. We have made some strives with the actual website appearance although currently, website content is the most important aspect of our project. I was excited to at least present a website with an image on the home page. Content or not, it was looking rather pathetic.

Today in class we will be working on an annotation project. After that, it will be back to the project. Since the sun is out, I hope to stop at the cemetery today on my way home from class to take some photos for our website. Thursday is a group work day and we will be presenting to Luisa Dispenzirie of the NPS our project thus far. I hope she can visual the end project.


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