ADH18: NPS Fredericksburg National Cemetery Project

I put together a short video of our group project. I visited the cemetery and included part of our group meeting in the Digital Archives Department at UMW. I also included a picture of the cemetery’s registry that our group will be digitizing for the NPS.

For this week’s mapping assignment, I decided to create a map showcasing the various places I have lived.

I was very excited to try this timeline tool. The first idea that came to mind was to document my son’s and my Summer 2017 Road Trip. I think when I get the project finished, it will be awesome!

Comments 3

  • Which was the most useful? Which could you see using in your project?

    • The Google map was definitely the most useful and is what our group is planning to use for our project. I really like the ESRI timeline. I think it is a tool that could utilize the information from NPS. I can see taking the cemetery registry and incorporating the information into a timeline of the Civil War battles that were local to Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County. There is so much information in the registry that any project would be very time consuming. I plan to add to my current story line and develop others.

  • The video looks great! I like how you used the esri mapping tool and displayed like a road map.

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