Week Six: Contract Disputes

Our group again worked on our contract. We are doing a great job working together as team. The problem at times is that we are not thinking as specific as we need to. Professor McClurken has been great! He guides us in the right direction while letting us figure the particulars out on our own.

One of the biggest challenges we have had was determining the Naming Convention. It would seem that naming scanned pages of a book would be a simple process but no. We finally got it figured out. We are including the cemetery’s register’s NPS archive number, the page number, and the entry number of the first soldier at the top of the page. It sounds simple but some pages are blank, some are the index, and the others contain entries.

As a group, we have decided to use Omeka to create our website. My classmate, Olivia, and I are in charge of “web design.” That was a scary thought but we met on Wednesday evening and reviewed our options on Omega. We think we will be okay. Reviewing other sites built with Omega, such as http://gordondiaries.umwhistory.org, we have more confidence and a better understanding of what our site will look like. We are fortunate to have classmates in our group that are more computer savvy than we are. Also, we will take advantage of the tutoring options offered by the Digital Knowledge Center on campus.

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